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Since our startup in 1990, we have been producing high quality mould rubber products per customer specific requests as well as standardized products for wide areas of use.

Custom Manufacturing
For us, no job is too small nor too large. Depending of the customer needs we are capable of promptly preparing moulding basis, tools and materials. For that reason we can deliver the very first batch in very short time, as you want us to do.

For almost 20 years based on the above business model, we are manufacturing parts for CLEANFIX, a renowned Swiss manufacturer of cleaning devices. So far, we exported to this client millions of products and at least a little contributed to their amazing success.

Serial Manufacturing
Beside above products we have been manufacturing standardized rubber products, mostly for use in plumbing and electrical equipment. We are confident that an exceptionaly high quality of our products and a reasonable pricing structure would make happy any potential customer.

Rubber Cable Sleeves For Electrical Cabinets
Rubber Cable Sleeves: PG - 9, 11, 13.5, 16, 21, 29, 36, 42 & 48;.................... Rubber Cable Sleeves: FI - 9, 11, 18, 20, 30 & 80;

Rubber Glass Sealing's: Round and Square various sizes; etc...

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